1st Position Low Heel Shoe with Toe & Heel Taps

Bloch Omnia Sneaker(Pink & Gray).jpg

* 1st Position Low Heel Tap Shoes with Toe & Heel Taps are the dancer’s choice from    beginners to the experienced dancer and are perfect for any tap dance class or    production
* The low heel lace up tap shoe has a fitted toe and heel tap
* Sizes range from a UK child size 9 to an UK adult size 8
* Black available in half sizes
* Please note Toe tap not removable
* Material: Upper PU
* Sole: Rubber
* Lining: Polyester/Cotton
* Toe taps attached with rivets
* Heel taps attached with screws

* Please note... White only available in whole sizes *

Price: £
Bloch Omnia Sneaker(Pink & Gray).jpg
Bloch Omnia Sneaker (Black).jpg
Bloch Omnia Sneaker (Black & White).jpg
Bloch Omnia Sneaker (White).jpg