UKA Grade 5-8 and Majors Ballet & Tap Double Strap Cross Back Leotard

Bloch Omnia Sneaker(Pink & Gray).jpg

* UKA Grades 5-8 and Majors Ballet and Tap
* Double Strap Cross Back leotard
* UKA uniform
* Logo appears on back of garment
* Fabric: 45% Cotton / 45% Polyester / 10% Elastane

Product Warnings:
Warning: Keep away from fire
Warning: Dancewear/Costume designed for training, exam or stage use only

Price: £
Bloch Omnia Sneaker(Pink & Gray).jpg
Bloch Omnia Sneaker (Black).jpg
Bloch Omnia Sneaker (Black & White).jpg
Bloch Omnia Sneaker (White).jpg